10pcs First Love Chocolate

Product Size: 100grams, 10 pcs

10pcs First Love Chocolate


Silky Smooth 

Rich, smooth and decadent ganache crafted by our master chocolatiers with premium Belgian chocolate and premium quality ingredients. It is a piece of delightful and luxurious confectionery with creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture that comes with different delectable flavours. 


All Love18C chocolates are freshly handmade and delivered to you on the next day it is made. Due to surge in order, it will take 7-10 days to process your order.

60% Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate

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  • This product does not contain perservatives. Please consume as soon as possible. 

    Perservative storage temperature: -18ºC

    Consumption storage temperature: 4ºC to 8ºC


    Shelf Life

    Stored in freezer below -18ºC : 3 months

    Stored in chiller 4ºC : 14 days